We want to make you visible on the Internet
through Media Buying on Multiple Platforms.

We connect Companies with potential clients
through different Advertising channels.

iLatinMedia was made with the mission of making you visible on the Internet. This is our reason for being here.
If you are an Entrepreneur or if you have a recognized Brand, you should know that being in the “Online World” is no longer an option, it´s a need.


It´s probably that you already have a website to sell your products or services, but…are you reaching all your potential customers? Are you being visible to your entire market segment? Maybe your answer is NO. You have a consolidated company but…Would you like to sell more to drive your business to another level?

We are experts in buying traffic through different channels. We know that there are different media to advertise a company, we generate strategies and solutions to drive the right audience to your website, product or service.

These are the advertising formats we use:

In this format of advertising we will promote your brand on the main Social Networks, so you will reach your target audience. You will achieve large lists of potential customers and you´ll be able to sell your products or services on a higher scale.


If there are people looking for your product, here you will be visible for them, and they will be able to find you more easily in their search.


Trend in recent years, we drive high volumes of traffic to your website to also generate large volumes of sales, thanks to the potential of push notifications.


Here you can be visible on world-renowned sites, and your ad will appear integrated in them, for that reason it´s an effective format of advertise


directed to mobile devices, through pop-up windows, we achieve large numbers of subscribers or app downloads. Your brand can appear to thousands of users and it can be kown at an exponential speed.


We use the most recognized platform for video advertising and in this way we enhance your brand. Here you´ll can be seen by thousands of people who will know you, through this platform.


Through the Display network we can advertise attractively on different sites so that your product or service is “at the hand” and can be easily viewed.


We Implement Advertising Strategies
for Companies like:

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